Finding The Perfect Gift For The One You Love This Valentine’s Day

Finding The Perfect Gift For The One You Love This Valentine’s Day

It’s nearing that time again: Valentine’s Day! Cupid is making sure that his bow is in perfect working order and his arrow tips are sharp and ready to spread love around the world. But sometimes (for us mere mortals) letting someone know how you really feel can be hard, we get it! That’s where we come in! The Original Moon Lamp can help you find the perfect gift to give to the one that you love!

The moon has been a symbol of love and romance since the dawn of time, so perhaps our beautiful Original Moon Lamp is just the thing you’re looking for? Want something a little more quirky? Fair enough, then what about The Original Heart Lamp or The Original Jupiter Lamp? Each has been painstakingly designed using NASA satellite imagery to make sure they are as accurate as possible! And do you want an even cooler fact? Each lamp takes over 26 hours to 3D print! That goes to show how much love and effort we put into everything that we produce!

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more romantic and on-the-nose. Then fear not, young lovers! We have just the thing for you! Why not check out our beautifully sculpted and sophisticated looking “Love you to the moon and back” lamp? Based off of the mold for our moon lamp, we carefully 3D printed the text onto the surface of the moon. And it truly looks stunning! Your valentine is sure to get butterflies when they see such a thoughtful and loving gift!

And while it undoubtedly makes a wonderful present for a day filled with love, it also makes a stylish and beautiful accessory at any time of the year! As it comes with a modern and simplistic wooden base, it can be proudly displayed anywhere in your home. So don’t be afraid – show it off!

If you’re worried about any little hands that get hold of one of our seemingly fragile looking lamps being hurt, then please relax! Our single mold design means they are strong and very unlikely to break. They are also FCC, CE and RohS certified and contain LEDs that don’t get hot meaning they’re completely safe to be used by adults and curious little people too!

Each and every one of our lamps offers an amazingly impressive 360 degree beam of light. They also have an adjustable level of brightness which means that they are perfect to use for work or reading AND to use as romantic mood lighting. And as a little side note, any of the lamps offered on Original Moon Lamp website make wonderful nightlights for children who need that little extra bit of comfort at night.

So don’t delay, if you want to get your hands any of our amazing Original Moon Lamps then head on over to our fully stocked online store now! Take a browse, see what’s on offer, and find the perfect item for the one you love this Valentines Day!